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Our Offer

We offer precision turned, milled and welded parts.

We work mainly with stainless steel and aluminum, but also black steel, brass and plastic.

We are interested in production of low-, medium and mass series in batches from 5 to 2,000 pieces.

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Machine park

  • Milling centre Hyundai WIA KF4600
  • Five-axis milling center Dugrad 760XP
  • Milling Center Hyundai WIA F400
  • Five-axis milling center Deckel Maho DMU 50 T
  • Milling center Hurco VMX 30t
  • CNC lathe Hyundai WIA L300C
  • CNC-Lathe with active tools Hyundai WIA L230LMA
  • CNC lathe Hyundai WIA L230 A
  • CNC lathe Hyundai WIA L210
  • Band saw Pilous 250
  • Slide grinding machine ETP-RA 200
  • Sand-blasting cabin AUER ST 700 PS
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Q Quality

Based on many years of experience in cooperation with demanding clients, and meeting the expectations of our clients, we have developed our own efficient quality assurance system, which in 2018 was certified as meeting the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015

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Tech-Project is above all our team of highly qualified, but also people open to innovation.

Thanks to development-oriented management, supported by a team of responsible and committed employees, we are definitely ahead of the competition.

In 2019, in response to great interest in the development of cooperation among our clients, we completed the construction of a new prestigious company headquarters, where conditions and area for further development arose.

Machine park

Hyundai WIA KF4600
Dugrad 760XP
Deckel Maho DMU 50 T
Hyundai WIA L230LMA
Hyundai WIA L230 A
+48 609 425 898
ul. Inwestycyjna 4 26-600 Radom
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