Based on years of experience in cooperation with demanding clients and meet the expectations of our customers, we have developed our own efficient quality assurance system based largely on ISO9001.

The main assumptions of our quality assurance system are:

– Careful analysis of the customer’s requirements at the stage of preparing a bid price

– Selection of appropriate production means.

– Choice of appropriate instruments for control and measurement.

– Precise description of plan of the production process

– Strictly set documentation flow

– Control of the supply, control during the process, and final inspection


We focus on precision, repeatability and high aesthetics of our products.


We are able to meet the following requirements and ensure quality and repeatability in mass production:

– Turning shafts and other diameter with an accuracy of 6-class (approximately +/- 0,005mm).

– Drilling holes and milling contours with an accuracy of +/- 0.01mm.

– Boring with an accuracy up to 6-class (approximately +/- 0,005mm).

– Conditions roughness up tu Ra0,8; Rz4, Rmax2.

– Ecstatic production of parts without scratches, bruises and other damages of surface.

– Packing which ensure the undamaged delivery.

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